New England Notebook

New England Notebook cover

National Geographic Traveler ‘Best Pick’ 2013

New England Notebook: One Reporter, Six States, Uncommon Stories

Looking to buy some medieval armor? In the mood for an orchestra of typewriters? Know where to find America’s oldest baseball diamond? How about the smallest town in the smallest county in the smallest state in the nation? Or the most inviting diner, best clam chowder, choicest oyster, or tastiest pancakes?

They’re all in New England — and all in New England Notebook. Divided into chapters that colorfully convey the essence of the region’s unique character, these are the stories not found in guidebooks: the diverse people, memorable places, fascinating history, odd pastimes and delicious foods, quirky collectors, skillful craftsmen, and one-of-a-kind entertainers that distinguish New England from every other place on earth.

Readers will meet Vermont’s most famous dairy farmer-turned-movie star, a housewife-turned-Houdini, and the real-life model behind one of Norman Rockwell’s most famous paintings. They’ll learn about the legendary Old Man of the Mountain’s inspiring after-life, and about America’s first expense report. (Hint: Paul Revere’s midnight ride wasn’t free.) They’ll meet craftsmen who still make classic covered bridges…and classic wooden outhouses.

After covering every corner of New England for 16 years, “Chronicle” reporter Ted Reinstein got tired of saying, “I have enough stories to fill a book,” so he picked the best stories and wrote one. The result is an engaging almanac that offers plenty of intriguing tidbits and little-known facts, but goes beyond the merely curious to reveal the heart of what Reinstein calls, “this historic and quintessentially American place.”